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Pet Exterior Protection Series

From mosquito and insect repellent to allergy relief,【Royal-Pets Pet Exterior Protection Series】 boasts a wide range of external goods offering your beloved pets all-round protection and letting them live a happy life!


  Royal-Pets All-Purpose Bug-Off Spray 200ml  

IR3535 is effective in repelling mosquitoes, midges, lice, ticks and flies, keeping cats and dogs safe from varied types of insect-borne diseases.


  Royal-Pets Multipurpose Anti-bacterial Skin Spary 150ml  

Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, relieves allergy & itchiness, repels fleas


  Royal-Pets Cat Mood Soothing Spray 50ml  

De-stressing, Energizing, Non-addictive


  Royal-Pets Multipurpose Soothing Lotion 150ml 

For eczema and allergic skin


  Royal-Pets Pet Cleansing Cotton Pads 30 pads  

Plant fibers, Smooth & absorbent, No lint, Wet & Dry Use


  Royal-Pets PH-Balanced Anti-Bacterial Ear Wash 100ml  

Removes earwax and dirt,

Mild and slightly acidic,

No antibiotics or steroid

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