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  • Protect blood vessels, promote heart’s health
  • Support healthy joints

Pure Krill Oil [60 softgels]

  • Specifically formulated for dogs, this natural krill oil is extracted from pure and unpolluted krill originated from the Antarctic Ocean. Krill oil contains Omega-3 (with EPA and DHA), phospholipids and Astaxanthin, all are very beneficial to dog’s health. Omega-3 can stabilize cholesterol to healthy level, while maintaining the heart’s blood circulation and health. It can be easily absorbed by brain cells to support the health of brain vessels. Meanwhile, Astaxanthin is able to resist oxidation and free radicals. It gives your dog energy, and protects Omega-3 in krill oil from oxidation at the same time, keeping the product stable and fresh. This product is the ideal supplement for maintaining the health of the heart, kidney, brain, joints, skin and coat of your dog.



    • Maintain normal cholesterol level, lower blood pressure
    • Protect blood vessels, promote heart’s health
    • Support healthy joints
    • Potent antioxidant for keeping youth and vitality
    • Nourish skin and coat, give your dog a shiny and healthy coat
    • Help brainpower development of young dogs, enhance memory and cognition of aged dogs
    • Regulate immune system, improve allergies and autoimmune diseases
    • Alleviate inflammation, inflammatory bowel and stomach diseases caused by allergies and arthritis
    • Promote normal operation of the kidney


    Active ingredients:

    • Natural Krill Oil 500mg



    • Up to 20lbs: Take 1 softgel daily
    • 20-40lbs: Take 1 softgel, 2 times daily
    • 40-80lbs: Take 3 softgels daily
    • Over 80lbs: Take 2 softgels, 2 times daily


    1. Take the softgel(s) orally by the dog; or
    2. Puncture the softgel(s), and apply oil directly onto food


    Made in USA


    Storage :

    • Store in a dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


    Cautions :

    • It is not recommended to feed over dosage.
    • Consult your veterinarian if your dog has a chronic illness or is on any medication before giving this product to your dog.
    • Inform your veterinarian about your dog is receiving this product before any anticipated surgery.
    • This product contains crustacean. Dogs with allergies to seafood should not take this product.
    • This product may cause loose stools, stomachache or indigestion.
    • This product is for dogs only.
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